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Inspirational Touch Massage offers a variety of service and caters to meet your individual needs. We offer studio, home and even at work therapy services. Whether you are looking for a new massage therapist or you want to reward your team for a job well done. We are here to heal your mind, body and spirit. Feel free to schedule an appointment or contact us with any questions you may have.

What makes Inspirational Touch different?

We offer 10% off our regular massage rates for MYGYM Members, Senior Citizens (65 and up), Students (under 21) & Military. 

We offer a Massage Loyalty Program for those that like to get massages on a regular basis. Contact us for details.

We offer monthly massage specials. Contact us for more information. 

Heated massage table and No additional cost for Aromatherapy.

Full amount of session time spent on bodywork. Gives highest quality professional massage everytime! 

10+ years massage experience! Passionate and commited to the overall health and well being of each client!

Listens to clients and caters each massage to the clients individual needs.  

Thorough medical intake process to provide the most beneficial massage possible.

We sell Theracanes and Biofreeze.

Inspirational Touch offers Massage Gift Cards  starting at just $15! Call to order one today! 

Cash is always preferred but we also accept local check and all major credit cards when necessary.


Massage Rates
In-Studio Chair Massage Rates*
10 Minutes 20 Minutes 30 Minutes
$15 $30 $45
In-Studio Table Massage Rates*
Type of Massage   30 Minutes 60 Minutes 90 Minutes
Swedish $55 $85 $130
Deep Tissue $55 $85 $130
Sports $55 $85 $130
Pregnancy $55 $85 $130
Hot Stone - $110 $140  
Couples Massage: Swedish $140 $200 $290
Couples Massage: Deep Tissue $140 $200


Rest & Relaxation Session $25  -


*Rates subject to change.  In-home massages have an additional fee for time, distance and set up and is based on location.

Massage Techniques Offered

Chair Massage
A chair massage is done in a special massage chair that allows the therapist to work on a clients head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back only. This style of massage is done fully clothed and requires no cream/oil.  This type of massage is a great way to introduce yourself or someone to massage for the first time!
Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage uses a verity of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. Both the most well-known and requested of all massages, the Swedish massage is a great for relaxation and to de-stress and is a favorite of many loyal customers.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and more direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles not with the grain. Deep tissue massage helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue. Many have come to love the deep penetrating healing this technique offers. This massage is more therapeutic then a general relaxation massage and is specific to any problem areas you might have. Different massage tools maybe used in deep tissue massage as well. Please keep in mind that deep pressure is determined by the client and is adjusted to their liking.
Sports Massage
Sports massage is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. The therapist generally focuses in on the problem area - a frozen shoulder or pulled hamstring, for instance rather than giving you a thorough full body massage. It is usually a more vigorous style of massage that also incorporates many stretching techniques.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone therapy is perfect for achieving mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Basalt stones, polished, hardened lava rocks, are heated by water in an electric roaster. The heated stones are then placed strategically along pressure points to help melt away tension creating a calming atmosphere. As the warm stones relax the body, the mind is calmed retreating into a deep meditative state. In this meditative state your body becomes re-energized. The soothing heat therapy promotes a positive energy flow giving a sense of harmony and balance helping you to feel at peace. Sensory stimulating oils used alongside the stones help aid in the rejuvenation of your mind. Hot stone therapy relieves muscle aches and pains. The penetrating heat also helps to relieve pain associated with arthritis and improves blood circulation keeping your heart healthy. This therapy also helps stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients helping your body to detoxify and heal. The end result is a feeling of overall good health.
Pregnancy Massage
A massage technique specifically designed for pregnant women to help relieve common pregnancy discomforts and promote mother and baby's wellbeing. Pregnancy massage is very gentle and effective and has many benefits for the mother, such as increasing energy, easing aches and pains, slowing the process of varicose veins, reducing fluid retention and releasing stress. Pregnancy massage can also help labor preparation by teaching the mother to consciously release tension and focus on relaxation breathing techniques, as well as releasing tension in the lower back and abdomen. Dependent on how far into the pregnancy you are most likely you will be positioned in a reclining or side-lying position on the table.
Couples Massage

This massage is given to 2 individuals with 2 massage therapists present at the same time side by side in the same room. Couples can range from husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, same-sex partners or even mothers and daughters or best friends. This massage is offered in Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports. Please give us a minimum of 48 hours to book your couples massage.



If you would like to take some additional time after your massage to relax and not feel rushed then the R&R session is for you. Just let us know when you book your massage appointment that you would like to add the R&R session to your massage and we will book you for an additional 30 minutes on the table just to relax, meditate or take a much needed nap! This is great for busy mom's and dad's or business men and woman who can't seem to find away to escape from their hectic lives and take a moment for themselves and do nothing! Now doesn't that sound nice!
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