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Anne Marie is amazing. She is so sensitive and attuned to what will be the best massage experience for me. We all lead such hectic, busy, stressful lives. A massage with Anne Marie is a gift of escape and relaxation, a gift of time for myself. I feel like a new person when Anne Marie is finished. I am so relaxed, it's difficult to leave the calming, stress-free atmosphere she has created. Kim

When Anne Marie gives a one hour massage it lasts for at least three days. It has freed me up to be more productive and rested in my everyday life. Kevin

"I've worked as an ambulance service provider for 28 years.  For the past 15 years I have lived with chronic back pain.  I've been using massage for the past 9 months.  Massage has improved my ability to move and decreased my back pain." Sue

Getting a massage from Anne Marie is  never disappointing.  I always leave  feeling both relaxed and energized.  She does a great job of creating a soothing atmosphere, and is very professional.  I would recommend her to anyone. Marcia

"Diagnosed with a rare neuro-skeletal disorder, I was in chronic pain for almost 46 years. I couldn't remember the last time I was pain free.  One half hour with Anne Marie, was all it took to convince me that I should have tried massage sooner! She took my medical considerations and worked around them....No more pain, no grinding of bones, no sore muscles, and now - freedom of movement! Compassionate, gentle, and empathetic,  I would recommend her services to anyone who searching for pain free living!" Brenda

Massage therapy can relieve stress, enhance sleep, and reduce the deep muscle pain of fibromyalgia. Anne Marie is both professional and very skilled. She attends to client's individual needs and ensures that every session is extremely relaxing. Lori

“Anne Marie is amazing.  I go to her weekly for a massage and she has helped me become more productive, healthy and decreased the effects of stress.  I highly recommend going to her and getting a massage regularly! Paul

Anne Marie is the first massage therapist that I feel completely comfortable with and trust! She not only is professional and respectful, but she always seems to now the techniques and amount of pressure that I need, which is not always the same each session. Her touch is both gentle and firm, and it is always amazingly relaxing! Wendy

“Although I am very physically active I suffer from acute spinal stenosis as well as arthritis of the spine. The discomfort I experience can be wrenching. Knowing the benefits of massage therapy I started to get mini chair massages from Anne Marie at MYGYM in Ballston Spa. I immediately started to feel relief from all the negative pressure I was experiencing in my neck and back. Anne Marie does excellent energy work and is able to cleanse the body's energy through massage therapy. My headaches, limited range of motion and horrific pressure I was experiencing has all subsided due to my massages with Anne Marie. Her studio is delightful, comfortable and clean. Anne Marie is extremely professional, highly knowledgeable of her profession and an excellent massage therapist!  Lenore

Anne Marie is a compassionate massage therapist who genuinely wants to make her clients feel better. From the moment the massage begins until the last "touch," she expertly uses a variety of techniques tailored to whatever your needs are at the time. I have a variety of physical problems including fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, and therefore have many painful spots throughout my body. Anne Marie is able to sense these spots and work on them with just the right amount of pressure, until the tension melts and I actually feel a warmth flow through the areas. Her massages are not only the best I have ever experienced, but they are the only ones that have ever given me relief and decreased tension that last beyond the actual massage. Needless to say, they are now a regular part of my wellness routine! Taryn

I spend countless hours a week training for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic Trials and incorporate massage into my training schedule.  Massage is an integral part of my recovery and that recovery allows my muscles to work at a high level each day.  I have worked with numerous massage therapists and Anne Marie is top notch.  She is in touch with the needs of the client and does a great job addressing those needs.  I would recommend that anyone who is considering a massage come in and see Anne Marie.  A massage with Anne Marie is a positive step towards an improved well-being. Ian

I am currently training for the 2010 Olympics for Speed Skating.  Massage is a very important part of my training.  I was having a lot of back problems from skating that was preventing me from training and came to see Anne Marie.  Within two sessions she healed my back and I was able to continue training at peak performance again.  I see her regularly to help my body heal and recover from intense training.  I would recommend Anne Marie to anyone who is interested in massage therapy.  It is a professional and comfortable experience. Trevor

 This summer, I had a friend visiting from California - as I had a massage scheduled for myself, I also scheduled one for my friend. After we left, my friend just raved about Anne Marie - she said that she was the best massage therapist she has ever been to. Her touch was perfect. I, myself, have been having massages to help with arthritis in my knee. I have been very pleased with the results. In fact, my friends have commented on how much better I have been walking since I have been getting the massages. I wish I had known about this a year ago. Cecelia

I am Anne Marie's Dad and I get massages quite often and they are great, and I recently had a Hot Stone massage done by my daughter, it was the best massage I had done yet, She is fantastic. She has really helped my arthritis and my aching bones. Thank you Anne Marie I LOVE YOU. Al

I have scoliosis and massage is a great way for me to keep my back limber and aligned. I get better, faster results with one session from Anne Marie than going to my chiropractor! I feel fortunate to have discovered Anne Marie and her practice; she is a true professional. Book an appt. with her today. Your body needs it whether you realize it or not. You will NOT be disappointed! Anne

I was in a car accident last year that really messed up my body, and was referred to Anne Marie by my Chiropractor. I was so glad I was because it is one of the few things that gives me relief from my severe back pain. I have been coming to Anne Marie every week for 6 months now and she is the BEST! My favorite part of the massage is her deep forearm and elbow work on my back. I tell everyone she has the BEST forearms and elbows around!!! I highly recommend her services to anyone that is in need of reducing pain in their body! Emerson

This was such a wonderful experience for me, Thank you! When I arrived I felt drained and stripped from energy.  As going through the experience I felt myself leave my human self and actually take a deeper look into all that is happening.  My mental self felt an adjustment so to speak. Physically, I must say when I first opened my eyes I felt like I had been there for several hours but once I got up I felt like I was "Revived", revived in the sense of being given a clearer direction.  My heart was no long tugging in so many directions.  When I came home I literally felt so tired like as if I had been up for days.  After dinner I went straight to bed and had the best nights rest I've had in months!!!!  Yesterday when I woke, well I felt GREAT!!!  I have energy, I feel positive, and far more focused.  I wake today as yesterday Again, thank you for this experience.  Praise Be To God!!!!!!   I thank him for bringing Anne Marie into my life, which in turn now Scott and Chris.  Bambi in regards to the Inspirational Touch Experience

Every once in a while someone undersells their product or service and to my surprise it is "way Better!!!!" then my expectation. Most of us are under appreciated and just plain bitter at the current economy. Blah, blah. Folks, I am proud to tell you that there is an amazing secret of hope and relaxation right in our back door. Inspirational Touch Massage Therapy. WOW!  A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! Desiree

I watched Anne Marie sit at the gym dilgently week after week offering chair massages . I congratulate her on a job well done establishing Inspirational Touch Massage Therapy at MYGYM! I am a working mom of young children and the gym is my time to take care of me! Now, I can enjoy enjoy a massage in a warm, inviting environment and relax. Anne Marie is very professional and through. I highly recommend her to everyone! Pamper yourself! Gwen

Anne Marie is “THE BEST”! She has helped me reduce my stress level, feel more relaxed and in”tune”. I highly recommend her for even a ten minute chair massage! Her prices are reasonable and the setting is great!!! Lee

FANTASTIC! I had Anne Mariecome to my office as an incentive for my team, everyone got a chair massag- and everyone was impressed! I would recommend her ANYTIME! THANKS ANNE MARIE! Brian

My husband and I always get massages. Now we only go to Anne Marie. She is by far the best around! Her place is so inviting and enjoyable! Her prices are great and her talent is wonderful. We highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed! Eric

I spent 90 minutes with Anne Marie and Scott, receiving the best massage and energy work that I have ever had. Both are very professional and really at the top of their individual practices. Anne Marie is one of those massage therapists that you don’t have to say a word to. She survey’s your body with her hands and can tell exactly what needs to be done. And I found Scott to have a special gift. I felt as though he had known me my whole life and knew what I thought and felt and we had never met before. It’s a special treat to have them both in the same session. TREAT YOURSELF! Chris in regards to the Inspirational Touch Experience

At a time in my life when I am faced with adversities, I found the work of Anne Marie and Scott to be therapeutic on so many levels. I left my session feeling emotionally and physically “cleansed” so to speak. Both Anne Marie and Scott are gifted people and I highly recommend this session for anyone open to the experience. So many times as we turn to our doctor for drugs to relieve our stress and anxiety…but at Inspirational Touch you have the opportunity to receive the gifts from to blessed individuals. All you need is an open mind and heart….Cathy in regards to the Inspirational Touch Experience

I was in town from NYC and badly needed a massage for my aching lower back . So glad I found this place online and booked and appointment. Anne Marie has a true gift and worked wonders in only a 30 minute massage session. It was simply the BEST massage I have ever gotten and I am looking forward to being back in the area so I can go back for a full 60 minutes. Lisa

I started a new job on the railroad and the mental and physical stress were enough for me to seek my first massage I saw that this establishment was relatively close to home and decided to try it. It’s clean and very comfortable and relaxing. My massage was everything I had hoped for and will definitely go back. The most exciting part (which inspired me to write this review) is that the pain in my left achillies heel that had been present for almost a year is completely gone!!! (thank you so much! ) Everyone should try this place because it is excellent. Kayla

Anne Marie is absolutely amazing…..I highly recommend going to see her!!! Christine

Anne Marie’s hot stone massage was amazing! I am a massage therapist and I have had a lot of massage. Her 90 minute hot stone massage was the most relaxing massage I have ever had! Jonathan

Anne Marie is awesome. I had the best massage I have ever had. She knows how much pressure to apply and I am amazed at how she is able to get out the knots and make all the muscles feel relaxed. She is very professional and puts you at ease right away so I was able to relax and enjoy the massage. I highly recommend her to anyone. Amy

"I received a gift certificate for my massage. What a wonderful gift! The massage totally relaxed me and left me feeling euphoric." Carolyn

"I am a type A personality that is challanged to take time for personal care vs. personal challange. Anne Marie has made it easy for me to justify and thus take the time to take care of myself through her services. It's as if she knows what I need with very little guidance from me beyond my usual wish to not have to leave her table for say...a day or two!!!!! She is kind, attentive and blessed with hands intuitively shaped and guided for her talented massage services. I am grateful to have discovered her business 3 years ago." Jeanette

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